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Resource Library License


Get perpetual, non-exclusive global rights to over 500 design items for any commercial use. Your license grows with our library!

Create products that are intended to be sold or used for business purposes using any one of the 500+ items in our Resource Library.

This Extended License grants you (the purchaser) ongoing permission to use any and all items within the Every Tuesday Resource Library (located at

For purposes of this Extended License, “sold” means you plan to sell, license, sub-license or distribute the end product for any type of fee or charge.

This Extended License allows you:

  • To modify or manipulate the Item, or incorporate it into other content
  • To distribute as many copies of the end product as you’d like
  • To use the items within the library on one device per license
  • To use in an unlimited quantity of for-profit or promotional business purposes
  • A non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Item worldwide, in perpetuity  

This Extended License *does not* allow you to:

  • Resell the freebies as if they were your own
  • Distribute the freebies with client proofs, or in unflattened files
  • Share the freebies with clients or other designers (they must purchase their own extended license)
  • Offer the freebies in a giveaway or promotion

*As additional items are constantly added to the library, your extended license will continue to cover any new items added*

This download is delivered as a pdf Extended License certificate for your records to verify ownership of the rights outlined above. A custom digital stamp will be applied to your pdf, so please allow a few minutes for that process to take place. You'll receive your custom pdf in your inbox within a few minutes of purchase. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at: 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Teela has great resources and is an immeasurable help in building an artist's business.
Thank you, Teela!

Dorinda Ramirez-Hemala

Always love Teela’s courses, brushes and other digital items! Grateful to be able to purchase the extended licenses for them as well!

Heather T.

A gazillion fonts. A gazillion Procreate textures, brushes, swatches. Vectors. Printables. Tips. Even lettering guidelines and guidance. Tons of cuteness and gorgeousness and usefulness for designers. Geeze, what are you waiting for? ;)

Isabelle Gagnon
5 stars!

Not much to review since this is the extended license, but it will be great to know that I can sell things that I created using some of Teela's assets and brushes.

Want a good start

After looking for Procreate beginner’s tutorials and videos online from different instructors, I found that Every Tuesday is the best and suited my needs.

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