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Watercolor Lettering Brush Pack

8 unique lettering brushes

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Watercolor aesthetic

If you’d like to apply beautiful, colorful blends with a watercolor aesthetic to your lettering, this brush set was made for you!

This custom procreate lettering brush set includes 8 unique brushes intended to create watercolor effects within your lettering. An additional 4 high resolution watercolor paper textures are also included to bring your beautiful color blends to life.

Brushes include:

  • round style paintbrush specifically for lettering
  • round paintbrush fine tuned for detailed illustration paintings
  • watercolor bleed brush for creating beautiful, multicolored blends
  • texturizer brush for integrating final watercolor details
  • semi-dry wash for creating painterly effects and distressing edges for a water-blended feel
  • damp smudger for adding final watercolor paper details to your lettering
  • round splatter brush for final paint splatter details
  • bleed splatter brush for rough edged paint splatter details

With countless combinations, you have the freedom to create a unique watercolor lettering outcome that is entirely your own.

Get these brushes for free! The extended license of the full set of these brushes is included when you enroll in my online course, Watercolor Lettering in Procreate